Purchase Order Financing

We can provide you with all of the financial support that you need to help satisfy the demands of your customers.

Use Purchase Order Financing to Jump Start Your Next Big Project 

Nearly every company in the manufacturing, supply, or import/export sectors has dealt with the problem of large, unexpected orders that just happen to coincide with a temporary cash flow slowdown. It’s unfortunate, but it is part of the rhythm of doing business. At Unlimited Business Lending, we put together purchase order financing packages that are designed to provide our clients with the capital they need in those moments.

Benefits and Features

Since purchase order advances are based on work already ordered and committed to, they do not have the same debt footprint that traditional loans do. That also means they do not require the same approval process, since a company’s long-term credit is typically not an issue.

Other benefits include:

  • Ensuring timely deliveries to customers
  • Expanding the scope of your order fulfillment capabilities
  • Access to capital based on business volume
  • Fast approval and disbursement

Since purchase order funding is used to fulfill existing orders from your clients, the speed of your invoice process and incoming receivables will play a role in the size of any advance that is approved. To learn more about how your incoming orders are evaluated, or to see how this kind of cash advance can work with your existing business finance plan, get in touch with one of our representatives today. We are always ready to talk about your next project.

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