Equipment Leasing

Virtually every business requires a large amount of working capital to secure the equipment required for daily operations.

Small Business Equipment Financing Keeps You on the Leading Edge  

In today’s world, technology almost becomes outdated just days after hitting the market. It’s important to have the ability to keep up with new equipment to be the most efficient in your business. One of the best ways to find the right equipment without going into debt is equipment financing and leasing to get the latest technology in your business. Using obsolete equipment isn’t productive and it may not be as safe as the newer items on the market.

When you work with us at Unlimited Business Lending, we get approvals in 24 hours, but larger items may take three to five days. You can have the new equipment quickly, instead of saving up until you have the down payment and waiting to take out a loan. We work with both start-ups and older businesses that just need to upgrade.

Equipment leasing is not limited to manufacturers. Doctors and veterinarians benefit from leasing their equipment because medical equipment is not cheap. We have also worked with government and municipal organizations that need to keep up with technology but have limited budgets and purchasing power. We want to find the solutions that helps your business work harder and more efficiently.

Benefits of Leasing

  • Low payments
  • Free up working capital
  • Keep your existing lines of credit open
  • Eliminate obsolete technology
  • Fixed payments
  • Tax advantages
  • No depreciation schedule

Make Leasing a Choice for Your Business

Instead of putting your working capital into equipment and tying up a large sum to make a down payment, choose equipment leasing as an option to grow your business. Once the term of the lease is finished, you can upgrade to new equipment, which keeps you on the cutting edge. It’s a win-win situation. Discuss your needs with one of our professional financial specialists. We want to find the right solution for your business success. Trust us to find the funding that fits your needs. We have a large portfolio of commercial business financing, and we want to see you grow.

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