Consumer Financing

Our consumer finance programs offer greater flexibility to customers while still providing businesses with cash flow required for operational expenses.

Offering Consumer Finance Options Just Got Easier

Many consumers don’t have the option of making large purchases without obtaining a loan or credit. With options from Unlimited Business Lending, you can give your customers the ability to make a larger purchase with an on-the-spot credit decision so that you don’t lose their business. With new technology, such as E-signature options and financing options for your customers from different lenders, you can make it easy for your customers to do business with you. 

Benefits of Consumer Financing to Your Customer

  • Convenient payments over time
  • Immediate access to a credit line
  • Quick credit decisions
  • More purchasing power
  • Secure transactions
  • Auto-payments made to the creditor, not your business

Benefits to Your Business

  • Prompt support from an established business
  • Quick deposits
  • Comprehensive training
  • Simple application process
  • Fast implementation process
  • Repeat business
  • No collections

Check Out Your Options Today

We are a leader in consumer finance options, from in-house loans to revolving credit. We service many different industries, from retail, medical, and educational. Give your customers more options by providing financing at your business. It’s a great way to increase your sales and profitability. Our team helps you implement the system and trains your staff to help your customers. We’re here for you during the entire process. We handle collections from your customers, which lets you focus on your business. Take advantage of the different options for financing your clients and leave the headaches to us.

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