Accounts Receivable Financing

With our help, your organization can focus on doing business instead of collections.

How Would Your Business Grow With Accounts Receivable Factoring?

Extending credit to your customers is a benefit for them, but it can certainly hinder your own growth when you need working capital. When you need liquid solutions to take advantage of opportunities, consider accounts receivable financing. Sometimes this solution is referred to as factoring, and it’s making its way into the commercial business world as a way to find working capital without taking out a loan.

When you factor your invoices, the lender looks at the creditworthiness of the client, not your business. The decision is much quicker, often within a few days, with cash in your account just 24 hours after approval. You don’t need to rely on a loan board decision or prepare a full loan application, pledging collateral or equipment for repayment.

Benefits of Financing Receivables

  • Quick decisions and cash flow
  • You won’t personally guarantee the money
  • No credit decision based on your business’ credit score
  • Your business won’t have to focus on collections
  • Credit checks of your clients with credit insurance at no extra cost

We Have Solutions for Your Business

Here at Unlimited Business Lending, our professional and certified financial specialists work with your business to find options that fit your needs. We have a vast array of resources that work to help you grow and succeed without giving up valuable equity or collateral on the path of success.

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